Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nuru International Partners With Sevenly Clothing To Help Families in Kuria West, Kenya

Last fall, you might remember a blog post I wrote about a clothing company called Sevenly and their partnership with Nuru. Well, this week, Sevenly partnered with Nuru again.

Each week, Sevenly partners with a different nonprofit that is helping people around the world in areas varying from hunger alleviation, to human trafficking.  They have partnered with organizations including International Justice Mission, CompassionInternational, and Charity: Water. We are grateful to be among the organizations that they have invited to partner with them on multiple occasions, and we are even more grateful for the funds that they are raising through their business model this week that allow us to further our work.

When Sevenly designs a shirt, they design it for a limited run. The shirt Sevenly is creating for Nuru will only be available for one week, and as of my writing this post, there are just under two days left to purchase this design. Sevenly donates $7 from every shirt sale to the cause of that particular week, and because they have a quality product, they are able to generate a large donation in a relatively fast amount of time.

I love this model for a couple of reasons. Number one, it is effective. Since Monday, Sevenly has raised over $11,000 for Nuru through selling t-shirts. My second reason for loving this model is for the reminder it brings. You see, often we underestimate the power of a small donation. But several small donations added together make a huge impact.

Last Sunday, I was able to share with a group of folks from my home state of West Virginia (Almost Heaven), the amount of money they have raised over the last four years as a result of their small monthly contributions to Nuru. It is absolutely amazing to consider how quickly these contributions add up. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking your contribution is too small. Everybody has a contribution to make toward ending extreme poverty, and we put these contributions together, more and more lives are changed for the better.

So consider buying a quality shirt or hoodie this week from Sevenly and putting another $7 toward the amount they are raising for Nuru this week. And beyond this week, consider making a recurring donation to Nuru. Twenty-nine dollars per month (less than a dollar a day) can help an entire family lift itself out of extreme poverty. Together, we are ending extreme poverty, one community at a time!

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