Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Soul City Church

Recently I've had the opportunity to visit quite a few new places for food, fun, and now fellowship. Sunday, after saying my goodbyes to Jamie, Willie, Sue, Christian, Emily, and my dad, I hopped on an airplane and began my next journey. This time my stop was in the greater Chicago Metro area. Sunday night two of my friends picked me up at the "L" train stop, and we made our way to a new church plant that is getting ready to launch. It's called Soul City Church.

I think it is the third or fourth time that I just happened to be visiting a church as it was preparing to launch. There's something special about those times. People have an intense vision of the possibilities for their community, they are working hard, and they are united to a solid vision. The whole community is pregnant with anticipation of what may happen as the doors open for the community to expand and grow in its ability to love God and neighbor.

If you are in the Chicago area, and the idea of serving and transforming the neighborhood appeals to you, I've I believe this would be a wonderful group of people with whom to do that.

Sunday night, as we celebrated the Sacrament of Communion, Jarrett Stephens, one of the members of the church shared this wonderful idea. When we come to the table, we come with all of our stuff, good and bad, and God meets us there with all who He is, and freely shares it with all who receive it.

What a beautiful thought, and a beautiful community of people.

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