Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Reflecting, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
That’s my friend Brent Jackson in the photo above. In church this past Sunday, he just sang an original song he wrote. The name of the song is “Reflecting” and it is simply beautiful.

The song is about how we get the privilege of reflecting God’s glory back to Him. In the middle of being selfish and sinful, in our brokenness, we still become mirrors that reflect the glory of God simply because we are made in His image.

But then, there’s another way we reflect his glory. We reflect His glory when we serve others. We reflect His glory when we look for opportunities to do good and right things. It’s not that we are incredibly good people, or great servants, but because we are made in the image of God, and we are attracted to when we see God at work in other people, God get’s glory by what we do.

Think about it. We all know that God is the hope of the world. And He has chosen his church to be ambassadors of that hope. When we stop our busy schedules and spend time caring for others, we reflect a little bit of the great grace and beauty of Jesus Christ.

Over the next few days I am not going to be blogging. In fact, I’m not going to be near a computer.

Last year, I traveled into the desert to pray, to fast, to spend time in silence and solitude, and to spend time reflecting in a different way. My prayer is that this time in the desert would be a life transforming and clarifying time. I am longing for clarity and focus so that I might better glorify God and reflect His glory as I strive to live this life in service to Him.

If you want to pray for me I would appreciate it. Chances are, I’ll probably be praying for you while I’m in the desert. In the meantime, may you and I both spend more time reflecting His glory to a world that needs the light of Christ.

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Laura said...

Brent's song was amazing, it was truly refreshing, and a breath of fresh air as far as new music goes.
I really hope that he either sings it again or puts it up in iTunes to buy or something, because I would love to hear that song again!
Thanks again for sharing it with us, Brent.