Friday, July 20, 2007

Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
My garden is growing like crazy. I've been trying to make it a tradition to go out every morning and enjoy these beautiful blossoms. My old chief used to say that if you spent enough time with a blossom, you would see God. I think there's a lot of truth to that statement. After all, the book of romans says that his eternal power and divine nature can be seen in what is made. It's like he has left His fingerprints everywhere, and we just have to look around.

I was pretty stoked about how this picture turned out, because for some reason I have a hard time with the macro function on my camera. But this picture captured many of the waterdrops that were gathering on this butternut squash blossom. I'm really looking forward to eating some butternut squash soup later this summer and fall--it's absolutely delicious. Isn't it amazing how lenses can bring out some of the details, like the waterdrops, or the tiny hair like texture of the flower itself. Absolutely amazing how much detail is in this one little blossom. In the movie The Last Samurai, one of the main characters says a man spend his whole life looking for the perfect blossom, and it won't be a life wasted. That's the thing about beauty--it's worth searching for--it's worth treasuring.

There's something beautful about these flowers. And I think there is something about beauty that we hunger for in our world. It's like when we are close to it,or more realistically, when we open our eyes and become aware of it, something comes alive in us.

Take some time today, or this weekend and enjoy the good earth God has created. Go for a hike. Spend time with family. Soak in the beauty that is all around. I believe it will restore and renew your soul. As you do it, keep in mind the source of all beauty. Like John Piper said in that video earlier this week. Let's enjoy the Giver over the gift--He is behind every good and perfect thing that we enjoy--and He is the source of true joy and beauty.

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