Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Graduation!, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I'm not sure why I am leaning forward in this picture, but it was taken by WVU as a complimentary service to folks who graduated this year.

That's right, I graduated. This past sunday I received a Master's in English from WVU, and attended the commencement ceremonies. In the president's hand is my diploma, or so I thought. When I returned to my seat, I opened the envelope that I thought contained my diploma and all it had was a piece of cardboard. I should get my actual degree in the near future, but it was a kind of let down to look inside and see--nothing!

Living in a town like Morgantown, it just seems to be sensible to continue with my education. I have taken a fairly slow route (one class/semester), so I have been somewhat unconventional in my approach to education, but I have really enjoyed the journey. To be honest, I am really just thankful for the opportunity to take classes and to continue learning and growing.

Lot's of folks are asking me what is next for me now that I have a higher degree. What do I want to do with it? Well, I honestly can't see myself changing careers. I LOVE what I do. I see my degree as one that prepares me to do a better job of caring for people, and thinking about how the Holy Scriptures inform and shape our understanding and response to many of the problems that face our world.

Maybe I'll continue with another degree, but I don't know. Right now, I really want to focus on being with my family and my mom as she fights cancer, and being a good leader and friend to the folks that I work with in Morgantown.

Anyway, walking across the stage at the coliseum, and getting "hooded" were really cool experiences, and I am excited that I was able to achieve this goal and honor my family, my tribe, my community, and most importantly my LORD.


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Congratulations! :) Proud of yah!