Saturday, May 20, 2006


Serenity, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
Isn't this a beautiful photograph? it was taken this past winter in Amsterdam. Lights reflecting on the water have always been soothing to me. My family are river people. We go to the water as our place of sacred sojourn. The Ohio River has long been a favorite, but there is something comforting about this canal in the middle of a bustling and yet quaint old city.

It saturates and soothes, the water that is. Tonight, I hung out with my friends Ryan and Cameron. We just played some music and wrote lyrics together. As we gathered, we seemed to be feeding off one another's creativity in an evening of serenity. There is something truly beautiful about coming together for times like that. I think that is a picture of the Kingdom. Everyone joins together to make a unique contribution in a great masterpiece solely dedicated to the glory of God. Every contribution is unique and important, and yet, like an orchestra that spans the world, no one instrument drowns out the others with its sound. That is collaboration. That is harmony. That is an image of walking in the way of Messiah.

Are you collaborating, or are you too busy making your own noise to hear the rest of the orchestra? Are you playing for your audience, or are you playing for yourself? Take time to listen, and feel the rhythm.


Sander Chan said...

Nice photo ;-)

adam said...

serenity now, insanity later