Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekend Adventures

This past weekend was a little toned down for me--no surfing, no flying, no weddings. I lived a quasi-normal existence. It seems I am fighting some type of sinus problem so I have been a little out of it. I did make one pioneering move though in the area of my wardrobe. I bought a shirt from Banana Republic that is striped and some of those stripes are different colors of pink. It was super cheap, and I had some staff encouraging me to purchase on a miniature "fashion emergency". I wore it to a party Saturday night, and it got rave reviews. My roommates have gone on record to state that I'm probably the only person they know of who could pull it off. I seem to get that comment a lot about my attire.

I was hoping to make my annual pilgrimmage to Ichetucknee Springs this summer, but so far no-dice. We shall see what transpires in future weeks. My folks are coming to visit next week, so I am looking forward to that. It will be their first time in FL since 1986. Much has changed since then, I'm sure.

I will also be flying back north this week for a church planning time in Pittsburgh, PA. It looks to be another full week!

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Beth said...

Do you remember that totally sytlin' coat you couldn't buy in Pittsburgh b/c you were concerned that it would lead the ladies to lust? Ha! I hope that shirt isn't too nice!
I've been to Ichnetucknee springs in northern Fla! It was so awesome- it was like a ride at Disney world-but better and real!